Our Team

  • Ernur Pihava

    R&D Engineer

    Ernur first encountered paragliding in 2004  when he became a member of the Dokuz Eylül University aviation community. After providing training in the club, he began to actively pursue his own flight journey.

    Currently living in İzmir, Ernur continues to work as a design and product development engineer for a company in the automotive sector.

  • Emre Gürer

    Acro Pilot

    Emre started paragliding in 2010 when he joined the Yıldız Technical University Aviation Club. For one season he focused on distance flights, before turning his attention to acrobatics. He has been actively working with the Akil Pilots team since 2013. A commercial tandem pilot, Emre lives in the Maya Parachute headquarters in Ölüdeniz.

  • Muzaffer Can Ergin

    Founder & Designer

    Muzaffer Can Ergin began his paragliding adventure in Ankara in 1999. He joined the Hacettepe Aviation club while studying Nuclear Engineering. He eventually became a trainer at the club. He then started to provide special training in Izmir, and has been living and working in Ölüdeniz since 2006.

    Can co- founded Maya Parachute in 2012.