Lycia is a lightweight harness that meets the needs of the most ambitious XC and freestyle flight pilots.

Offering versatility in flight and created out of durable materials, while weighing in at only 3.6 kg (for the Small size – S), Lycia will quickly become your harness of choice.



  • The harness is coated with Neoprene to provide the optimum aerodynamic performance.
  • Foam rubber on the lower section provides back protection.
  • Radio mountings on both the right and left,
  • The lower section is made of Cordura, while the upper section is made of a honeycomb material.
  • A broad range of comfort settings for the wearer ensures the most enjoyable and comfortable flight.
  • A T-Bar system is provided for safety.
  • Its simple design ensures the spare compartment can be closed easily, and can open instantaneously in the event of an emergency.


Lycia comes in two different models: Lycia one and Lycia Acro.

Lycia Acro features two reserve containers and has thus become a favorite of pilots looking for extra security and those with an interest in Acro flying.

Lycia is a light and durable, versatile harness. As beginner and intermediate pilots can afford it, it provides Freestyle and Acro pilots as enjoyable and safe as XC pilots with the option of 2 spare compartments.

Pliot Boyu
Kuşam ağırlığı
3,6 kg
3,8 kg
4 kg
Maximum Yük
120 kg
120 kg
120 kg
Oturak kısmı altı ve sırtta sünger koruma
Oturak kısmı altı ve sırtta sünger koruma
Oturak kısmı altı ve sırtta sünger koruma
Yedek bölmesi
Oturak kısmının altında
Oturak kısmının altında
Oturak kısmının altında
Cordura - Honeycomb
Cordura - Honeycomb
Cordura - Honeycomb
Austria Alpin – Edelrid
Austria Alpin – Edelrid
Austria Alpin – Edelrid
Sertifikasyon EN
EN 1651 - LTF 91/09
EN 1651 - LTF 91/09
EN 1651 - LTF 91/09

Please contact your dealer to order.

You can also add additional accessories to your order. For example: compress sausage bag, easy parachute bag, MAYA clothes and accessories.

Design details

Lycia harnesses can be used for normal flights, for acrobatic maneuvers and for long-distance flights, with options for one or two reserve compartments, depending on the needs of the user.

  • Its body-wrapping structure enables a very high level of mobility on the ground.
  • It is made out of durable fabrics and designed to be comfortable, while also being relatively light in weight (the small size model weighs only 3.6 kg!).
  • Its level of back comfort is very high.
  • It offers very comfortable sitting positions with three different settings.
  • Lycia is a lightweight, durable and versatile harness, that meets the needs of beginner- and intermediate-level pilots, while its 2-reserve-containers option offers a pleasant and safe flight to Freestyle, Acro and XC pilots.