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  • Appropriate parachute selection and material consultation

MAYA recommends a wing loading in the upper weight range for paragliders, as this will offer the best balance in performance and will ensure a pleasant flight.

Size selection should take into account the conditions you expect to encounter and personal preferences. MAYA can apply its experience to assist you in making the best choice.

Due to the heavier wing loading, a paraglider in the upper weight range will react more dynamically, will fly more directly and will have less collapse. This setting is particularly suitable for strong thermal or windy conditions. If you mostly fly in the mountains, it is very important that you consider these conditions.

Parachutes in the medium- and low-weight ranges will have reacted softer due to the mild wing loading, and have gentler flying characteristics, but tend to collapse more often.

Paragliders in the low-weight range are particularly suitable for minimizing the collapse rate, especially in weak thermals, or for flying over the plains first.

The larger wing area, however, can make wing control difficult in strong winds. If you are unsure about which size to choose, or if you are wavering between two sizes, decide according to your preferences, but always test both sizes.

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  • Correct information

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