Artoosh Ghafourian

I started paragliding since 2005 when i was 14 years old and my weight was just 54kg .
My biggest problem was to find a second hand glider for myself.
Two years i flew every day and learned everything by myself from videos , performance videos and Mad mike kung .
In 2007 i start fly with Alireza esna ashari, he were my instructor and i learned how to fly better and better  with him .
As i was not rich but in love to learn more and more, my instructor started to support me with a new glider ( still he is supporting me like his son )  .
I just kept the training everyday with many different glider  .
Since 2011 i fly acro .i can do all of the maneuver’s .
My best cross country fly was close 200km (xc) .
I went just one time to pre-pwc, it was in kayseri .